Lorelay Bove – The Flavour of Paris – Ratatouille

Lorelay Bove – The Flavour of Paris – Ratatouille

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This is a Limited Edition giclee on paper available in two different editions:

  1. Deluxe edition measuring 4" x 8" (inches) and a limited edition of 95 pieces.
  2. Premiere edition measuring 8" x 16" (inches) and a limited edition of 10 pieces.

Each giclee in each edition has been hand-signed by the artist and individually hand-numbered. The artwork you receive will be numbered out of the total limited edition size (e.g. 7/95).

Your artwork will also arrive with an official Disney Certificate of Authenticity which references your unique edition number.

As a signed- and numbered- limited edition, this is a highly collectable work of art. Each art piece is also personally hand-embellished with unique application of additional paint strokes and detailing. This makes every piece unique and adds incredible dimensiontexture and depth to the artwork.

How will my artwork arrive?

You must select from one of two options:

  1. Unframed - your artwork will be shipped to you flat.
  2. Deluxe Studio Framed - your artwork will be assembled into a custom, hand-built frame, with acid-free, preservation matting and special UV-filtering plexiglass. You should contact us to discuss the frame style options available for this art piece. We can offer a variety of frame styles to suit your personal preference and tastes and will email you sample images for your review.  If you purchase this artwork framed without first contacting us, your artwork will be framed in the default frame style, that has been specially and carefully chosen to complement and accentuate the colours and style of this artwork.

Choose your preferred option from the drop-down menu above.