Tim Rogerson – A Symphony of Color – Fantasia Sorcerer Mickey

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“I never get ideas sitting behind a blank canvas and thinking of what to paint. My ideas come from outside, experiencing life, by going places and meeting people.”

This beautiful hand-embellished fine art giclee on canvas is limited to just 50 pieces worldwide. Each piece in the Disney Fine Art edition is accompanied by a Disney Certificate of Authenticity and is individually hand-numbered and signed by the artist, Tim Rogerson.

In this wonderful work of art Tim Rogerson uses a stunningly vivid colour mix to create an art piece based on Disney’s timeless Academy Award winning masterpiece, Fantastia. This heirloom-quality piece features a magical contrast of colour, with the original music sheet creating the most stunning background.

“I knew I had to paint more artwork that celebrates the music of Disney. My first task was to make a list of all my favorite songs from the Disney collection and on the top of that very long list was, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by Paul Dukas. With previous artworks, when I draw out the music, I usually transcribe the chorus which features the melodies, harmonies, and memorable lyrics all at the same time. For this piece, since the timing of music and art is so important in Fantasia, I decided I would transcribe the exact music to the exact moment of the film when Mickey is on top of the mountain. For the silhouette, there’s nothing more iconic than the Sorcerer’s hat which framed the scene of Mickey atop the mountain perfectly.

I’ve been playing music all my life, since my father taught me how to play the piano to playing alto saxophone for school band, to playing electric guitar in a punk rock band after school. As both an artist and musician, it’s fulfilling to be able to bring both worlds together and paint works of art that celebrate music. Disney has such an incredible collection of music; expect many more musical works to come!

Edition Size:  50
Format:  Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas
Artist:  Tim Rogerson
Size:  24″ x 18″ (inches)

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