The White Rabbit – Daniel Arriaga

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This incredible limited edition artwork is by Daniel Arriaga, a Visual Development Artist working at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

This beautiful piece encapsulates the imagination and technique of one of Disney’s most skilled artists – and is offered in an exclusive worldwide limited edition of just 95 pieces.

Each piece in the edition is individually hand-signed and hand-numbered by Daniel Arriaga and is accompanied by a Disney Certificate of Authenticity.

The artwork has been painstakingly produced as a fine art giclee on hand-textured canvas and measures 16″ x 14″ (inches).

About the Artist

Daniel Arriaga was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. After submitting his portfolio to Pixar three times, his break came when was hired on as a Simulation and Effects Production Assistant onMonsters, Inc.After a lot of hard work, tenacity, and the valuable experience of learning from the amazing artists around him, Daniel made the jump from Production Assistant to artist, a transition that is not so common to come by. This role was his entry into the storied animation studio and there began an eight year period, from 2001 – 2009, working as an artist for Pixar. Designing characters and sets for films such as Ratatouille, Lifted (short), Wall-E, Up and Toy Story 3, for which he was the Character Art Director. Among the many characters he has created over the years, perhaps his most famous to date is “Lotso Huggin’ Bear” (aka “Lotso”) the unforgettably nasty (but wonderfully strawberry scented!) bear that he designed for Toy Story 3.

Daniel Arriaga’s career took another turn in 2009 when he joined Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios as an artist in their Visual Development department. In this role, Daniel was among a team of artists who have take on the immense responsibility of pre-conceiving and concepting the visual direction and design of an animated film leading up to the final animation process, a lofty role walking in the footsteps of legendary artists such as Eyvind Earle, Mary Blair, Tyrus Wong and other legends whose visual development work a generation ago weaved the very fabric of so many Disney classics. Since 2009, his visual development work has helped shape projects such as The Ballad of Nessie and Reboot Ralph.

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