Schim Schimmel – Chip and Dale – Best Friends

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“On planet earth, every ecosystem, every plant and animal, every human being… is dependent on the whole. There is no such thing as independency”

“My greatest joy is found in the act of painting, and then sharing my paintings with others. Artist and viewer become one in the culmination of the creative process”

“The biggest challenge for me as an artist when I began painting the iconic Disney characters was to develop a style that was both uniquely my own, and best represented the personalities of these characters. I experimented with a few different styles, but soon found the Disney characters themselves telling me how they wanted to be represented by my particular paintbrush. These periods of creative experimentation are always challenging and exciting. My latest collection of Disney artwork represents a wonderful collaboration between myself as an artist, and the Disney characters themselves. All of us hope you enjoy the artwork as much as we enjoyed the creative process.”

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Renowned artistSchim Shimmelpresents this wonderful interpretation of Chip and Dale. The adorable pair are featured under a magical deep-blue moonlit sky, creating an art piece that inspires the viewer into a true sense of appreciation of the friendship between these loveable chipmunk pals.

This absolutely incredible fine artwork is available on paper or canvas. Each piece isindividually hand-numberedand accompanied with aDisney Certificate of Authenticity.

Paper Edition:

– 50-piece worldwide limited edition

– 13″ x 19″ (inches)

– Disney Certificate of Authenticity

– Deluxe Studio Framing available for a £95 supplement

Canvas Edition:

– 50-piece worldwide limited edition

– 16″ x 20″ (inches)

– hand-signed by the artist, Schim Shimmel

– Disney Certificate of Authenticity

– Canvas available stretched for a £50 supplement, or with Deluxe Studio Framing for a £150 supplement

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