Manuel Hernandez – Where the Road meets the Sea

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“Brilliantly composed and filled with vibrant colour, the paintings of Manuel Hernandez are a feast for the eyes”

“I’ve never been to Hawaii, but this painting represents all the things I think of when I imagine going there. Beautiful sunsets, palm trees, turquoise lagoons— paradise! In a place like this, music would fill the air and surfing is a way of life. In this fantasy of paradise, the perfect day might include a motorcycle ride around the island. To me a motorcycle is the ultimate symbol of adventure and it just seemed to fit perfectly into my vision of this idyllic day in such a tranquil place. In a way, this painting really represents things I would really love to do and that’s what’s fun about it, because I think there are probably a lot of people out there who can relate to that and may share this fantasy. I think those people are going to be the ones who really fall in love with this painting. The dreamers and the adventurers of the world… I painted it for them.” ~ Manuel Hernandez

There are FOUR hidden Mickeys in this painting. Can you find them?

  • Limited edition of 195 pieces worldwide
  • Hand-signed by Manuel Hernandez
  • Hand-embellished giclee on canvas
  • Features individually hand-embellished 3D paint-strokes
  • Disney Certificate of Authenticity
  • 20 inches x 30 inches
This artwork features breathtaking hand-painted embellishments. It’s not possible to see them in the image, but when you see the artwork in real-life there is a beautiful and eye-catching 3D paintwork effect.




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