Manuel Hernandez – A Salute to the Sky

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“Brilliantly composed and filled with vibrant colour, the paintings of Manuel Hernandez are a feast for the eyes”

You are witnessing a master illustrator at work in this piece by Manny Hernandez. Recently, when the original for this limited edition was premiered at a gallery, a member of the audience asked Mr. Hernandez how long it took him to paint it, to which he replied, “About sixty years.” This is because, you see, a painting like this is truly the culmination of a life’s work focused on precise detail, expert attention to composition, and the patience required to realize, and push the boundaries of both.

  • Limited edition of 195 pieces worldwide
  • Hand-signed by Manuel Hernandez
  • Hand-embellished giclee on canvas
  • Features individually hand-embellished 3D paint-strokes
  • Disney Certificate of Authenticity
  • 20 inches x 30 inches
This artwork features breathtaking hand-painted embellishments. It’s not possible to see them in the image, but when you see the artwork in real-life there is a beautiful and eye-catching 3D paintwork effect.

This piece is also available in a 30 piece “Premiere Edition” measuring a larger 24 x 36 inches.  

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