James Coleman – Evening Anniversary

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I attempt to push the statement I am making to its ultimate, both in design and use of colour.  James Coleman

This beautiful hand-embellished fine art giclee on canvas features a “picture perfect” scene of Mickey & Minnie in Venice, Italy.

The hour is late, but the anniversary celebration is just beginning for Micky and Minnie. They are dressed in their finest clothes for their big day, and the warm light from the shop windows along the canals of Venice stay lit to welcome us inside this harmonious painting.

With skilful attention to detail, James Coleman captures the warm love between Mickey and Minnie, a love he has been celebrating his entire career. By focusing Mickey and Minnie’s joyful gaze outward toward the viewer, Mr. Coleman suggests that the love between them is also one that this storied couple shares with the audience and painter alike.

James Coleman’s distinguished history has seen him with Walt Disney Feature Animation for more than twenty years; creating art and backgrounds for animated classics such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast“.

To celebrate James Coleman’s 15-year anniversary as part of the Disney Fine Art portfolio, bringing happiness and magic to collectors worldwide, we are proud to announce this stunning art piece to commemorate this very special milestone.

Mickey & Minnie are dressed in finery and enjoying a warm, golden evening in Venice. The incredible detailing and brush-stroke effects bring this art piece to life. The moon glows in the sky to provide a relaxing and tranquil background. Everything is perfect. This art piece is sensational.


This commemorative Disney Fine Art edition is accompanied by a Disney Certificate of Authenticity and is individually hand-numbered and hand-signed by James Coleman himself.

The contribution made by James Coleman to the world of art over some thirty years – both in film and fine art – has made him one of the most collected artists in the contemporary art world. His work is impressionistic and luminous. His paintings are warm, inviting and unique. As a true master of colour, light and design, James Coleman’s artwork can be found in many fine, personal and corporate art collections – including that of the Disney family itself.

Edition Size: 195
Format: Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas
Artist: James Coleman
Size: 24″x 30″ (inches)

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