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Massachusetts, USA artist ROB SURETTE is a person of great feeling, energy, strength and compassion. Since a young age, Rob’s artwork always had great meaning, energy and passion behind it, which proved to be the perfect combination for this self-taught artist.Rob’s intent is to embed this magnificent energy and love for life into his paintings, so the viewers may be deeply inspired.Rob has been profiled on The Today Show twice, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America twice, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He holds two Guinness World Records and his masterpieces are permanently displayed in six different museums.

This wonderful Disney Studio Art is available in multiple paper and canvas formats. It features a truly stunning and heart-warming portrait of Mickey and Minnie stepping out of a grand golden carriage and arriving at the ball in style.

This is a fabulous work of art with deep, rich colours that combine to produce a warming and beautiful art piece that captures the imagination and draws you into the true magic of Disney storytelling.

Each work of art is complete with a Walt Disney Company Certificate of Authenticity and the canvas editions are also hand-signed by Rob Surette himself.

1. Giclee on Paper – £109

Edition Size: 150
Format: Fine Art Giclee on Paper
Artist: Rob Surette
Size: 17″x 22″(inches)

2. Giclee on Canvas (regular) – £169

Edition Size: 195
Format: Fine Art Giclee on Canvas
Artist: Rob Surette
Size: 16″x 21″(inches)

3. Giclee on Canvas (large) – £369

Edition Size: 95
Format: Fine Art Giclee on Canvas
Artist: Rob Surette
Size: 19″x 25″(inches)

4. Giclee on Canvas (premiere edition, x-large) – £789

Edition Size: 25
Format: Fine Art Giclee on Canvas
Artist: Rob Surette
Size: 36″x 47.5″(inches)

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