Amy Mebberson – One Song – Snow White


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Renowned artist Amy Mebberson presents this wonderful art piece featuring Snow White and her Prince Charming. The classic artwork features a beautifully creative border detailing, with the white doves that everyone remembers from this Disney animated classic. Amy Mebberson spent 5 years as an Animator with the Walt Disney Company and is best known for her Disney Princess art.

This absolutely incredible fine artwork is available on paper or canvas. Each piece isindividually hand-numberedand accompanied with aDisney Certificate of Authenticity.

Paper Edition:

– 150-piece worldwide limited edition

– 13″ x 19″ (inches)

– Disney Certificate of Authenticity

– Deluxe Studio Framing available for a £95 supplement

Canvas Edition:

– 125-piece worldwide limited edition

– 14″ x 18″ (inches)

hand-signed by the artist, Amy Mebberson

– Disney Certificate of Authenticity

– Canvas available stretched for a £50 supplement, or with Deluxe Studio Framing for a £150 supplement

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