Magic of Disney Art offers a very special framing service for all Disney Fine Art.

To have your art piece framed, simply select the framing option from the drop-down menu on the product page.

Our master framing studio will frame your art piece using only the very finest materials. Every frame is individually, custom hand-carved and built to fit your exact art piece. The studio uses specialist acid-free, archive-quality materials that not only look incredible but preserve and protect your art piece over time.

Every frame is personally built for you; consequently we offer an incredible array of framing options to choose from. Once you have placed your Disney Fine Art order and selected the framing option, get in touch with us with your order number if you would like to discuss framing choices. Let us know if you have a colour or style preference. If we do not hear from you within 72 hours we will assume you are happy to accept the default framing for the art piece you ordered; this will be a frame that has been specially chosen to complement the colours and style of the art piece.

Framing FAQs

What do your frames look like?
The standard frame style is carefully chosen to complement the particular art piece you have chosen. We can send you an image on request. If you would rather choose your own frame, let us know your preferred colours and style (e.g. modern/antique) and we will work some magic and send you a variety of samples to pick from!

What is the difference between having my canvas “stretched” and “studio framed”?
When a canvas is stretched the canvas is stretched and folded over wooden bars and stapled at the back with a hanging string then added. Many customers like to hang their artwork in this way and it is an increasingly common style preference.

When a canvas is studio framed the stretching process above is carried out and then the stretched art piece is placed into a frame to “finish” the artwork, i.e. by providing the frame around the edges. No glass or plexiglass is used so that the unique textures and finishes of the canvas can be better appreciated. All finished art pieces are coated with a special UV-protective spray to protect and preserve the artwork over time.

Why should I add the framing option rather than order the art unframed and then have it framed myself?
We strongly recommend ordering framing at the time of purchase because the studio utilises only the very finest materials, which are sure to protect and preserve your delicate art piece over time.

If you take the artwork to a local framer or purchase a frame yourself, the materials used in the construction of that frame may damage the delicate inks and paints on the canvas.

The studio’s master framers have decades of years of experience in working with Disney Fine Art and they use museum-grade materials that are both acid-free and archival-quality.

Finally, our framing service offers flexibility. We are here to work with you to create a framing style that matches your personal preferences and design aspirations. We are happy to email many framing samples to show you how the particular art piece you are interested in will looks inside a number of different frame styles.

Will the framing option add time to the shipping of my order?
All Disney Fine Art is individually produced at Disney’s publishing studio in California, USA. All framing is custom-built to your exact art piece, by master framers who hand-carve each frame from scratch and who hand assemble each finished piece to ensure the edges and grooves all blend seamlessly. This labour-intensive process does take time. Do be sure to let us know if your order is time-sensitive and we will work our best to meet your requirements.

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