Walfrido – Hula Moon – Lilo & Stitch

Walfrido – Hula Moon – Lilo & Stitch

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This is a Limited Edition giclee on canvas measuring 18" x 24" (inches). It has been hand-signed by the artist. Just 295 of these incredible canvases will ever be produced in this edition!

Each canvas in the Limited Edition is also individually hand-numbered. The canvas you receive will be numbered out of the total limited edition size of 295 pieces (e.g. 37/295).

Your canvas will also arrive with an official Disney Certificate of Authenticity which references your unique edition number.

As a signed- and numbered- limited edition, this is a highly collectable work of art. Each canvas is also personally hand-embellished with unique application of additional paint strokes and detailing. This makes every canvas unique and adds incredible dimensiontexture and depth to the canvas.

Walfrido’s unique style can be described as “Romantic Luminism” in which the subjects he portrays go beyond just imitating a photograph, but instead add a sense of timeless perfection to nature.

Each painting starts out as a loose impressionistic idea. As the layers of paint are added the details come out. By the time the highlights are done the painting glows with light reminiscent of the Old Masters.

From up close you can see the rhythm of his brush strokes but when you take a step back the eye blends them all into a harmonious tapestry of light, color and texture. Using photographs, videos and painting on site gives Walfrido endless subjects to paint but it is his imagination that unlocks the key to his style. Each painting plays upon the quality of light whether it is a romantic moonlight, a brilliant sunset, the sea caves of Kauai or the awe-inspiring glow of his signature “Lavascapes“. It’s as if each canvas is alive with the brilliant light of nature coming from within.

How will my canvas arrive?

You must select from one of three options:

  1. Rolled Canvas - your canvas will be carefully rolled and securely shipped to you in a tube.
  2. Stretched Canvas - your canvas will be "stretched" across wooden stretcher bars and then stapled and held in place on the back. A hanging wire may then be affixed to the back of the artwork for easy wall hanging.
  3. Deluxe Studio Framed Canvas - your canvas will be stretched as outlined above and then assembled into a custom, hand-built frame. You should contact us to discuss the frame style options available for this art piece. We can offer a variety of frame styles to suit your personal preference and tastes and will email you sample images for your review.  If you purchase this artwork framed without first contacting us, your artwork will be framed in the default frame style, that has been specially and carefully chosen to complement and accentuate the colours and style of this artwork.

Choose your preferred option from the drop-down menu above.

What is a "giclee"?

Giclees are art pieces created using archival quality inks. The French term “Giclée” – literally meaning “spray of ink” – is used to describe these fine artwork creations. Multiple precision nozzles spray and mix up to ten million microscopic droplets of paint per second onto the fine art canvas. The giclee printing process therefore provides incredible colour accuracy and sensational high-definition detail. It's a rich feast for the eyes and creates a true museum-quality finish.

How do I care for my canvas?

Each canvas is meticulously hand-produced using the very finest, museum-quality archival inks and materials. Additionally, the canvas is specially treated with a UV coating to preserve its colours over time. We suggest keeping your canvas clean using a dry, lint free cloth. Never use a wet or moist cloth to clean your canvas.