About Disney Fine Art


Walt Disney once said, “I don’t pretend to know anything about art. I make pictures for entertainment, and then the professors tell me what they mean

For a man who claimed to know nothing about art, he certainly had a knack for inspiring some of best the world has ever seen. From Andy Warhol to Peter Ellenshaw, Roy Lichtenstein to James Coleman, artists throughout the decades have been re-imagining Walt’s stories and characters to seemingly limitless possibilities. 

Elevated far above the stigma of “children’s art”, Disney artwork has the unique ability to establish an emotional connection with multiple generations of art collectors. From children of the 1930’s who experienced The Mickey Mouse Club in their local movie theaters, to a generation of baby boomer “Mouseketeers” who have passed their love for Disney on to their children and grandchildren of today. It is without question that the world has never before seen such a deeply rooted appreciation and enduring love for “cartoon characters” than what our culture has experienced through Disney stories and imagery.

Disney artwork has been included in the collections of some of the world’s most distinguished galleries, museums and archives, including the Smithsonian Institute, Le Grand Palais in Paris and The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and is among the personal art collections of many celebrities such as Woody Allen, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Seymour, Tony Hawk, Michael Jackson, John Stamos, Tommy Hilfiger and many others.

The images on our website are of a fairly low resolution so as to provide fast loading times for our visitors. They simply give an idea of what the picture look likes. However, these images are not representative of the actual stunning real-life quality of the Disney Fine Art collection. The below information aims to explain and illustrate the incredible amount of detail that each piece of Disney Fine Art possesses. Each piece is beautifully made and will be sure to take your breath away.

Each piece of Disney Fine Art is expertly crafted to the highest and most exacting standards.

Each piece is hand-signed by the artist. This ensures the authenticity of the piece and adds to the collectable value of the artwork. Each artists personally reviews the quality of each artwork prior to signing it, adding an extra dimension to the term “quality control”!

Each piece is then also individually hand-numbered by the artist. This means that your piece of art is completely unique and can be identified by the specific edition number. If you would like to request a particular number, we will be happy to try to assist.

Art pieces which are described as “hand-embellished” have been personally hand-enhanced with extra paint strokes and 3D embellishments. The photographs below illustrate the truly incredible quality and beautiful 3D realism of hand-embellished artwork. The hand-embellishment creates an absolutely breathtaking individual piece of art that will grace the wall of your home with museum-quality style and individual collectable flair.

Once crafted, each canvas can then be hand-stretched over a wooden framework. This means that the artwork is ready to wall-hang. The image below shows the reverse of the canvas once it has been stretcher framed. Also note the certificate of authenticity, which can be detached if required.

Some collectors prefer full framing in addition to the above “stretcher” framing. This service is available for an additional charge and we will be very pleased to work with you to choose a frame style that suits your personal preferences and style.

The images below show some examples of how certain pieces look when framed.

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