Tom Matousek – Majestic Palace

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“It is my desire to create abstract work that is understandable to all who view it, while at the same time provoking thought, curiosity, imagination, inspiration, and conversation”  ~ Tom Matousek

  • Limited edition of 195 pieces worldwide
  • Hand-signed by Tom Matousek
  • Giclee on canvas
  • Disney Certificate of Authenticity
  • 42 inches x 14 inches
“I had to put a lot of thought into this one, (a lot) breaking away from painting faces. Because my paintings take quite a while, I need to make sure of what I want to do. The castle is so tall, long and vertical, I felt I needed to incorporate appropriate shapes. The castle also will likely appeal to a larger female audience so I felt I needed to use colors that appeal to women. I am very uncomfortable with purples so this was a challenge. But as I look at color theory, purples/blues paired with oranges/yellows are some of the most appealing combinations (see Frozen). So, there are 7 vertical rectangles to play with the shape of the castle, each painted in warm colors, oranges/yellows and everything outside of that is done in purples/blues.” ~ Tom Matousek


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