Rodel Gonzalez – Sunset Romance – Mickey and Minnie

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“My Disney paintings involve such a strong concept that each brush stroke is a joyful anticipation of the finished product”

This beautiful hand embellished fine art giclee oncanvas is a worldwide limited edition work of art. It features a stunning and beautiful portrait of Mickey and Minnie gazing into an ocean-front sunset.Looking at this wonderful work of art promotes a sense of inner calm. The warm colours enlighten your mood and transport you to the golden sunshine and tropical breeze. Rodel is truly the master of sunsets, and this art piece is sure to take your breath away. It is impossible to describe the colours and details without seeing the canvas in real life.

All Disney Fine Art comes complete with a detailed Certificate of Authenticity and each piece is individually hand-numbered and signed by Rodel Gonzalez, the artist, himself.


This edition is complete with stunning hand-painted embellishments that bring the artwork to life.


Edition Size: 195
Format: hand-embellished Giclee on Canvas
Artist: Rodel Gonzalez
Size: 36″x 12″ (inches)


Rodel Gonzalez personally hand-embellishes each Premiere Edition canvas with breathtaking additional 3-dimensional brush strokes of paint; bringing the art alive on the wall.


Edition Size: 30
Format: hand-embellished Giclee on Canvas
Artist: Rodel Gonzalez
Size: 42″x 14″ (inches)




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