Peter Pan – Mermaid Lagoon – Limited Edition Concept Art


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Mermaid Lagoon is a limited edition fine art giclee based on original concept artwork by the famous Mary Blair for Disney’s Peter Pan. The concept art features Peter’s mermaid friends sunning themselves on the rocks. Each piece in the exclusive limited edition of just 100 pieces worldwide measures 6″ x 7″ (inches).

Twolarger sized versions are available oncanvas. The regular canvas edition (measuring 8.5″ x 24″ inches)is available at an £86 supplement. This is limited to 195 pieces worldwide. The large canvas (measuring 10.5″ x 30″ inches) is available at a £200 supplement. This is limited to just 50 pieces worldwide. Both of the canvas editions are created on the finest archival acid-free cotton canvas, and come complete with beautiful and individual deluxe hand-painted embellishments.

All pieces come complete with a Disney Certificate of Authenticity.

For the fine art giclee on paper, deluxe studio framing is available for a £50 supplement. For the canvas editions, strecther framing is available for a £50 supplement.

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