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“We’re All Mad Here”

Limited Edition of 195 | hand-embellished on Canvas | 36 x 18 inches | Alternate reverse view perspectives


About this wonderful Disney Fine Art, the artist Heather Theurer comments as follows:

“The most interesting part (and consequently, one of the most challenging parts) about creating a painting for the iconic Alice in Wonderland film was capturing the detail and magic of the quasi-reality in which the characters exist. Had I been able to include all of the wonderful things I enjoyed in the film within the image, it would have probably become a ten foot mural; so I decided I needed to narrow it down, hopefully without sacrificing too much of the good stuff.

In the painting, We’re All Mad Here, the characters are set in a distorted, vertical panoramic scene—at one end we can see the overgrown entrance to the rabbit hole, down which Alice has fallen, and at the opposite end, and upside-down, the forest in which she discovers the Hatter, the March Hare and the slumbering Doormouse gathered for tea.

Chaos reigns supreme. Elements from multiple points in the film are all jumbled together in Alice’s bewildered descent, from the bottle labeled “drink me”, to the wrapped teacake labeled “eat me” (with a tribute to Lewis Carroll carefully penned upon its paper), to the disappearing white rabbit and his pocket watch, to the chair upon which she wishes to sit and simply have a cup of tea, a feat she just can’t seem to accomplishing. A deck of cards, reminiscent of the Queen’s henchmen, swirls about her. Below, the March Hare and the Hatter are equally bewildered.

In their own right, each of these elements could stand alone and most likely fulfill the purpose of the painting. But I couldn’t leave it at that. The painting screamed to be played with. So I let my creativity follow Alice “down the rabbit hole,” so to speak. As Lewis Carroll wrote for the Hatter, “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t…”


Hidden gems are tucked away in multiple places. The Queen of Hearts demands to be seen and lands herself squarely on the nearest card in the left foreground, charming us with her self-important smile while her diminutive spouse, the King of Hearts, plays the “shrinking violet” and hides on his face card just behind Alice’s chair. The teasing flamingo “croquet mallets” are repurposed into the legs of the chair (whose legs fitly extend as the pleats in the chair back and feet that pop out as decoration at the top). Careful thought was put into including amusing elements such as the pouring of tea into the watch to “fix” it (held by the Hare), having only a “half” cup of tea (in the hand of the Hatter) and the elusive key to entering it all (floating loose behind Alice).

Things just keep getting “curiouser and curiouser!” In the never-ending confusion Alice experiences in not knowing which way is up, which direction to take or how to comprehend the crazy world in which she’s landed herself, this painting also lends itself to a different perspective. Literally. Designed to be like a face card—with the Queen’s white roses “painted” with a red heart in opposing corners—We’re All Mad Here can be hung either end up (it’s actually signed on both sides). With Alice “up”, we follow her as she heads toward her absurd adventure. Place the Hatter and the Hare up and you get a glimpse at what the two of them might have felt being bombarded by the unexpected entrance of a precocious young girl into their pointless tea party. Here, the visage of Ed Wynn (the voice of the Hatter) can more clearly be seen lovingly painted into the character’s face. No other face would have fit! While in this perspective too, it becomes apparent that the Cheshire Cat has also made an entrance into the scene. Superimposed into the architecture over which the Hatter and the Hare lean is the enormous and unnerving grin of the puzzling feline.

But that’s not all, no. “Easter eggs” from five other Disney films have found their way into the painting as well. Look closely at the flamingos and you’ll notice that two of them struggle with the string of a yo-yo, inspired by the flamingos from Fantasia 2000. Chip, from Beauty and the Beast (and always the life of any tea party), wouldn’t miss this one for the world. He’s snuck himself away beside the March Hare, awaiting his turn to take part in the chaos. Tick-Tock, the crocodile from Peter Pan, appropriately finds his way into the picture as the bow on the white rabbit’s pocket watch. Dr. Facilier, from Princess and the Frog, ascribes himself to the Joker card slipped in behind a leg of the chair. Lastly, sweet Dumbo can be found in the shape taken by the liquid in Alice’s disrupted cup of tea.

All in all, We’re All Mad Here brings to life the dreamlike, and often nightmarish, illusion that is Alice in Wonderland, and draws us all into her world of double meanings and visionary fancy.” ~ Heather Theurer

Regular Edition

Edition Size: 195
Format: Hand Embellished on Canvas
Artist: Heather Theurer
Size: 36″x 18″ (inches)

Premiere Edition

Edition Size: 50
Format: Hand Embellished on Canvas
Artist: Heather Theurer
Size: 48″x 24″ (inches)

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